Robert D. “Bob” Hines

Principal and CEO

Bob started Wesnic in 1983 — and you don’t start a company unless you see an opportunity to do things better and to do things right. For Bob, every public space is a stage.  It should immediately engage, enthrall and make you feel deeply about the place — and that feeling should stay with you even when you leave it.

Which means Bob is relentless about quality. He can’t sit in an airport lounge without assessing his chair’s comfort, workmanship, durability and style.

Which makes him fun to travel with. Really.

Bob is equally passionate about taking care of the client. Over the past 35 years he has travelled all over the country doing exactly that.

He is very proud to have built projects that last and relationships — with both clients and manufacturers — that have done the same.

These days, Bob is responsible for Wesnic’s strategic focus and business performance. Which means he continues to look for opportunities to do things better and do things right.