Square Trash & Recycling Receptacles

Material:  Fiberglass

Construction:  One-piece molded fiberglass

Colors:  36 standard colors available. Custom colors are available at an up-charge

Finish:  Gloss, poly-matte, sand-gel and textured. Faux finishes available

Lid:  Single stream, lift off fiberglass lid. Specify (P) for paper, (C) for cans/bottles and (T) for trash

Liner:  Paper (20 gallon), Cans/Bottles (25 gallon) and Trash (32 gallon)

WES-RES-P-1924 Paper recycling 19″ 24″ 19″ Lids are interchangeable
WES-RES-C-1930 Cans/bottles recycling 19″ 30″ 19″ Lids are interchangeable
WES-RES-T-1936 Trash receptacle 19″ 36″ 19″ Lids are interchangeable