Material:  Various

Construction:  Laminated 3/4″ plywood

Finish:  Standard Wilsonart and Formica laminates. Custom and non-standard laminates are available at an up-charge.

Liner:  32 gallon, roll-in/roll-out liner

Tray Area:  Optional, made of matching laminate or solid red oak. Will accommodate 12″x16″ fast food trays.

Access Door:  Hinged

Flap Door:  Available plain or with “Thank You” or international hand/cup symbol routed in

Options:  Units are also available with urethane edging. Add “BE” to model number to specify.

Model No. Description Width Length Height
WES-F-911-10 Single unit 23″ 23″ 42″
WES-F-911-20 Double unit 23″ 46″ 42″